Frequently asked questions

A. The main reason this could be happening is because the foam has deteriorated in the sun and needs to be replaced. To replace this lining, we will need to clean the mounting board and glue a new roof lining into place.

A. PTFE thread also known as polytetrafluoroethylene is the strongest sewing thread on the market. For this reason, we use it as our standard, instead of an upgrade. PTFE thread has a high strength resistance and is tolerant of high heat. It also doesn’t degrade under UV light.

PTFE thread is mainly used for:

  • Sails
  • Canopies
  • Boat tops
  • Outdoor upholstery
  • Auto upholstery & trimming

A. While it is possible to replace seat upholstery yourself we always recommend choosing a professional trimmer to ensure you get a flawless finish.

There are many components to consider when reupholstering seats including their removal, disassembly of the seat mechanisms and the removal of the old upholstery. Our team would also determine whether the seat mechanisms and padding need repair or replacement in the process. Since there is no standard method of assembling and upholstering a seat you will get a better result from a professional.

A. Vehicle seats have three major components:
1. Steel frame or spring assembly
2. Shaped padding
3. Upholstery (leather, vinyl, cloth etc.)
Seats are usually uncomfortable or lumpy due to the foam in the shaped pad deteriorating and wearing through. Our team can repack and reshape the foam for car and bike seats to create a more comfortable seat. In most cases we will replace both the upholstery and the shaped padding.

A. While it is possible to replace one panel there is a major disadvantage being colour variation. This is particularly evident when replacing worn panels as it is difficult to match accurately.