Quality Car & Marine Upholstery Gold Coat


At Cutting Edge, we re-trim seats and offer a range of colour and material combinations to meet your needs.

From a minor seat repair to a complete refurbishment, our team has the expertise, experience, and quality materials to restore your vehicle’s seats. We can work on cars, motor bikes, caravans and boats.

Choose from our range of leather, suede or vinyl materials. We can also incorporate custom embroidery and vinyl emblems.

Car upholstery

Door Trims

If the trim on your door is coming apart, let our team repair it for you. We offer genuine reproductions and customised door trim services.

We can also reupholster or repair door cards and covering materials.

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Moulded and custom carpets

At Cutting Edge, we stock high quality carpets suitable for most makes and models of vehicles.

We tailor our custom carpet services to your exact requirements. All of our carpets are moulded and hand-fitted to create a perfectly tailored look.

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Roof linings

Your sagging roof lining could be a road worthy issue, so ensure you get it repaired or replaced by our expert team.

We can create the look and feel you desire with our roof lining services. Whether you want a modern luxury design or you’re looking to restore the vintage style of your vehicle, we can create a roof lining to match.

Our team also offers custom designs with flames, logo or text. We have a variety of patterns and colours to choose from.

Create the look you want, contact us for a free quote.

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Full interior

At Cutting Edge, we can refresh your boat or car’s entire interior.

Our team are specialists in automotive original re-trims and repairs. We can complete full refurbishments for all vehicles including vintage cars, kombis and boats.

We use the best materials on the market to provide you with the look you desire and 100% comfort. Discuss your full interior restoration with our team today.